Sold house prices on Rightmove

There are lots of sites to search for house sold prices, but they're also available on rightmove too
Visit rightmove's house sold prices page.
You can searcg by postcode - try the first half of your postcode. Sales are listed by street which makes for interesting reading - if a street has a lot of sales does that mean there's something wrong with it?
You can vary the time scale of house sales too - within the last year to over 7 years. Records online only go back to about 2001-2002.
The listing for each street gives you the full address, the sale date, the tenure (Whether it's freehold or leasehold) and the price paid.
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  1. Archie Cocker says:
    I see rightmove now has a great guide to hourse prices in the uk. The information is accessible under House Price Articles on the right of this page:

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