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Bad lighting in estate agent photos

When you put your house on the market you should always ensure you check over the listing before it goes live. Some estate agents allow you to adjust the listing until you're happy with it, offering sensible practical advice to … Continue reading
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Would you buy a house without central heating?

It's a question that rarely seems to get asked these days, as we all automatically expect to have nice warm houses. It's not that long since it was rare to have central heating though and there are some properties coming … Continue reading
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Local searches – Con29R

What are local searches? When you buy a house you'll pay a solictor for local searches but what does that actually mean? What is included in the local searches? Con29R is the form used to request searches. * Planning and … Continue reading
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Teeny Tiny House!

It's an upside down house with the first floor measuring 6.1m x 2.2m and containing the lounge and kitchen area. The bedroom on the ground floor is 4.95m x 2.21m. It says it has a paddle staircase which I assume … Continue reading
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The property ombudsman

If you want to complain about your estate agent then you can do via the Property Ombudsman. His powers allow him to make awards of compensation for financial loss and/or aggravation, distress and inconvenience, where he feels it is appropriate. … Continue reading
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Sold house prices on Rightmove

There are lots of sites to search for house sold prices, but they're also available on rightmove too Visit rightmove's house sold prices page. You can searcg by postcode - try the first half of your postcode. Sales are listed … Continue reading
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Estate Agent speak translated

Deciphering the Estate Agent Code Some of the things estate agents write about properties can be confusing. So what do their pet phrases mean? Close to all transport links might indicate it’s so close to a main road that you … Continue reading
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Are you a rightmove addict?

There's a growing group of people who spend hours each day browsing property on rightmove! They're not just looking at houses in their budget either! It seems looking at the most expensive houses is incredibly popular as a hobby! Still … Continue reading
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Sold houses reappearing on searches

I've noticed a couple of properties that went SSTC have reappeared. This presumably means someone has changed their mind, perhaps after a survey, or is having trouble getting a mortgage. Some sellers refuse to negotiate even if a survey throws … Continue reading
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Property programs on TV

If you're not yet sick of the daily diet of house programs on TV, then always watch for the dates when they're actually recorded. Some being shown are from 2007 and this was at the height of the housing bubble. … Continue reading
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