Eco house on Grand Designs

They quite often have remarkable eco-features on Grand Designs.
The one I watched last night on More4 was no exception.

Grand Designs

Season 8 Episode 7 of 7

Bill and Jean Letley, a couple in their seventies, plan a highly contemporary bungalow in their back garden in Maidstone, Kent, complete with underfloor heating and prototype steel foundations. The project would test even the most accomplished workmen, but has been entrusted to their daughter and son-in-law, who have little building experience and will need to make personal sacrifices

It had pile foundations with the heat sinks built in. I thought this was very interesting. There was also heating systems in the roof to capture heat for hot water. I’d love to see a current visit to the house showing how little the place costs to heat!

Fancy watching the episode?

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3 Responses to Eco house on Grand Designs

  1. Gary says:

    Just watched this repeat on grand designs and i too wondered how they got on.. I found this website

  2. Mike says:

    It was for sale in 2011 and Bill died before the project was finished. I am pretty sure the wife never liked it much. She did not like all the gadgets. They should of just build a nice handicap friendly home. I feel bad for them. I find it odd how many of these people pour their life savings and blood and guts into these homes and sell them a few years later.

    • how much did it sell for , i my self thought it was to much for such an older couple to partisipate in i think it was all about daughter/ son inlaw wanted to make on this project i felt really sorry for billand his wife. they should have got there own bungolow extened .

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