Property Wizza – review

This is what the blurb says:
"PropertyWizza answers your questions in an instant. Want to know 'what planning applications are in progress locally?’, ‘Is this house at risk of flooding?’ or simply ‘which is the best local pub?’ PropertyWizza is the house hunter's best friend."
So I'm testing it out. I have to try it in Chrome browser as they don't have one yet for firefox. A pity as my current fave property search tool (Property bee) doesn't have a chrome version!
Property wizza in action
You can read more about property wizza here
Well I didn't notice the button int he top toolbar at first - but when it's red you can click it and get access to info. It looks really useful !
This is the info you can access!
What’s for sale locally?

How much are local houses valued?
How much have local houses sold for?
HousePrices MousePrice
Show me maps and streetview
Maps & Streetview
Old Maps
Local environment
Flood Risk
Environmental Maps
What's the word on the street?
Crime Statistics
Planning Applications
Commuting Times
Information about the area
Local Pub Guide
Minor Problems
Bankruptcies and Public Notices
Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
High Schools
Independent Schools
Ofsted Reports

LHA Rates

I'd say install it and see how much you use it! I'm certainly going to be playing with it for a while! It works by fetching the postcode for the property - as that's what's required on most of the sites it links to. The links open in a new window so you can click several and see all the reports. If you're serious about buying a house then you'll find it very handy!
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3 Responses to Property Wizza – review

  1. Robin Keith says:
    Hi Diane, Thanks for the review. PropertyWizza is getting an update this coming week, with some extra information services, and better support for a friends in Scotland. A Firefox version is 0n the cards - if enough people ask! I'd love to heard any feedback or comments that anyone has - just get in touch via the website. Cheers, Robin
  2. Robin Keith says:
    PropertyWizza has had a facelift. The new version is mobile friendly and ad free, with extra service providers so you can find out even more about the area you're looking for property in with a few clicks. Have a look at the new version at and tell us what you think and share with your friends.
  3. Robin Keith says:
    Propertywizza now has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox (Internet Explorer and Safari to follow). When browsing your favourite property website - RightMove, Zoopla, PrimeLocation etc, just press the PropertyWizza button and we'll find the postcode and display links to lots of useful information about the area. The extension can be downloaded from Be really interested to hear what you think.

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