Donnington hall

Donnington HallDonnington Hall is a 13 bedroom equestrian for sale with a Guide Price of £6,000,000 it's in Donnington, which is near Ledbury, Herefordshire
It's a beautiful Georgian Country Estate of Approximately 187 Acres.
It has 13 Bedrooms - 5 Bathrooms - with 5 recption rooms. There's also housekeeper's Accommodation - Nanny's Accommodation - Nursery - Extensive Cellarage - 4 Estate Cottages - 46 Acres of Parkland and Gardens - 50 Acres of Arable - 70 Acres of Pasture - 21 Acres of Woodland - 12 Stables - Manège - Coach House and Outbuildings - Tennis Court.
Stunning house in a beautiful location. Picture 5 shows the enormous upstairs landing!
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  1. alan dalrymple says:
    seen this place on a news report,looking for info on early records of ownership

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