Adding value to your home

Most people think that adding value to your home means a total renovation project to make a ‘show home’ that will have people falling over themselves to buy off you!!! You’ll be glad to hear that this isn’t the case at all. There are a number of things that you could do to add value to your house – most importantly, simply!

Think about Adding an Extension to your House
Is your home getting too small? With a growing family or live-in relatives, you just don't have enough space. You've considered moving but don't want the upheaval or cost involved. Simply put, you don’t have the money to ‘upsize’, you love your existing home and its quirks, you love your neighbourhood and you’d like to stay exactly where you are!

Move vs. Extend: The Benefits of a House Extension
Whether you have an expanding family, you work from home and could do with a study, you fancy a home gym or you're just a bit of a hoarder, it is easy to find yourself in a position where lack of space is an increasingly important issue in your life. It’s a case of finding somewhere larger (this is not in your budget) or creating more space in your existing house (can I afford it?). You’ll be pleased to hear that not only is having an extension less stressful, it’s invariably the more affordable option too!

Moreover, you can maintain the comforts of your current lifestyle and living environment, albeit a little noisy and dusty for the duration of the build, whilst providing some of that extra space you so badly need. To top it all off, your investment in the build will almost certainly be reflected in the value of the house. Think of the difference in price of a 2 bedroom house as opposed to a 3 bedroom house, or a house advertised with a ‘home gym’… you get my drift.

You Might Not Need Planning Permission for Your Extensions/Alterations
‘Surely not?’ I hear you say – well this little nugget of information could be very valuable to you.

Changes to Planning Laws have meant that Planning permission is no longer required for the majority of household extensions or alterations! This is known as ‘Permitted Development’. Examples of such extensions or alterations include loft conversions, porches, rear extensions to make a family sized kitchen and even outbuildings. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just go ahead and build your extension or make alterations – there are certain strict constraints and you still have to apply to the council for a Certificate of Lawfulness, which proves that your proposal does not need traditional planning permission. You will also have to get Building Regulations approval to ensure that your extension is structurally sound.

Unfortunately, these rights only apply to houses – so if you live in a flat or maisonette, a Listed Building, a World Heritage Site, Conservation Area, National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or the Norfolk or Suffolk Broads sadly they do not apply. It’s likely that you will need planning permission to make any alterations or build an extension.

The Most Common House Extensions/Alterations to Add Value:

Kitchens: are increasingly becoming the most ‘deal breaking’ consideration of a house sale. In the modern house the kitchen is the heart of the home, rendering the 'family sized kitchen' as all important. Whether it's a large extension to achieve a kitchen worthy of an average sized family or a simple refit or refurb, you can be sure that whatever work you do to the kitchen will improve the value of your house.

Loft conversions: utilise useable loft space in your house. The average house has approximately 40m³ of 'wasted' space which could be converted to create extra living space, a master bedroom complete with en-suite or perhaps a couple of extra bedrooms for your growing family. Think of the value you could to your house with an extra couple of bedrooms!!

Porch: Benefits include enhanced kerb appeal, added security (if you have an enclosed one), less heat loss in winter and most importantly adding value to your home.

Outbuildings: Perhaps you fancied a Garden Room, a Home Gym, a Home Office or even a Granny Annex. For that little bit of extra space.
If you are thinking about building an extension to add value to your home, My Plans Permitted would love to help you - you might just be surprised at what you can do!

This is a guest article written by Harriet of My Plans Permitted.
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