Empty homes near you?

Are there empty houses near you?
The guardian wants to know about any empty houses near you.

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  1. Really could do with your expert advice! have tried to sell my property for two years now and it is difficult as agents don't understand it and are really not getting results or any viewers. I run it as a B&B at present and the unique point is that the guest accommodation is in separate buildings. The property was mainly built in 1611 but has a energy rating of a B which is due to our very green renovations. The house would suit two families or even a house come business premises or even being split in two separate detached properties. We has a commercial value of £825 by fleurets but thought the £780 with a local agent would be create more interest but alas nothing we really do need some vision and experience in selling a unusual property!! Help please!!!!
  2. Diane says:
    Do the figures stack up for someone buying the business?
    I've looked at the property on rightmove and whilst it's presentation is ok it's probably not presenting the dream lifestyle.
    The yellow fields next door tell me when the photos were taken.
    Declutter the lounge and get that photo re-taken and probably put the picture 3 on as the main one.
    Picture 4 looks quite grim with the field being in the foreground.
    What do the agents say? How many people are actively looking at that price bracket in that area?

    Ask your agents to be realistic about price. What's sold in the local area? You can use the house prices function on rightmove to explore this. You might have to look in a wider area to get an idea of what's selling.
    Your photos on your B&B website - where are they? The java thing you have is dire.
    It also doesn't shout out about the green adaptations you've made - neither does the rightmove one though.
    If it's green then make it clear it is.

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