Floor collapse in newly bought house

Worrying story about a floor collapsing just after they had moved in.
It’s in the Daily Mail

Rosie Kennedy’s new house seemed lovely until the kitchen floor fell in. Insurers won’t pay out. She says in the comments on the mail’s story they had a survey – £500 one and it didn’t find any defects.

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3 Responses to Floor collapse in newly bought house

  1. rosie says:

    This article, taken from the daily mail, is inaccurate – the Daily Mail misquoted me -please see the revised article which correctly states that the Home Buyers Survey, conducted by Connells, assured us there were NO inherent structural problems. A structural engineer visited after the collaspe and said the floor was defective, but had lasted for 85 years, so subsidence/ground movement must’ve triggered the collaspe

  2. Diane says:

    Thanks for that Rosie! It must be a really stressful time at the moment. What are you planning on doing?

  3. rosie says:

    The mail keep changing the article. Just to confirm the original homebuyers survey conducted by Connels prior to purchase DID NOT highlight any structural defect relating to the kitchen floor at all. It stated the floor was timber and generally in good repair, it was given a 1 rating, the highest by Connels surveyor. I have the survey as FACTUAL proof of this. Very disappointed by the press, for suggesting we ignored the survey and direct lines attitude and ambigious quote.

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