Residential property fund

FSA gives thumbs up to landmark residential property fund
Residential property fund managers David Gibbins and Lucy Hawkins will manage the fund, with the aim of tracking the House Price Index by investing in private rented sector housing across the UK.

Hearthstone’s target for the fund is £250 million in the first 24 months of launch, rising to potentially more than £1 billion in the longer-term.

So will this drive up prices of property and rents at a time when more people are struggling to manage financially, or will it be a lame duck and no one want to invest in housing?
Is this a shoe shine boy moment?

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3 Responses to Residential property fund

  1. This will be a winner, the private rented sector shows no sign of slowing. If Greece leaves the Euro it is highly likely to push up mortgages, reducing the number of people buying and increasing demand in this lucrative sector.

  2. Diane says:

    But should something as basic as housing be subject to the demands of investors?

    Energy, water and housing are basic needs for human beings, so is it right to treat them as something the rich can profit from?

  3. Agreed from a moral perspective – however we live in a capitalist society and people also get very rich from energy, water, food etc it’s an unfortunate fact of life. There are positives from an investor market – many buy up old properties that would otherwise sit empty, invest cash in breathing new life into the property and take the risk (where plenty paid dearly for that risk during the credit crunch) while providing a service to people wanting to rent a refurbished home.

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