Fred Dibnahs house for sale

Fred Dibnah’s house for sale – Now reinvented as the Fred Dibnah Heritage centre, it is for sale for £1.25 million.

We bought it for £185,000, but it was pretty much derelict because it had stood empty since Fred died. We had to spend £7,000 on curtains and blinds before we moved in, and then two months just cleaning it out. After that it took us about a year to secure planning permission to create the heritage centre.”

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  1. Fred Dibnah Fan says:

    Advertising literature must stop misleadingly referring to the late Fred Dibnah’s house as being ‘almost derelict’ when Mr & Mrs Powsney acquired it for £185,000.00 to justify the current price tag of £1.25.million. This is inaccurate and misleading. Sets of photographs taken at the time show the property to be in good decorative order throughout with new carpet to the living room and freshly painted areas. Photographs are available for examination by prospective purchasers from Fred’s family or ALAN MCNAUGHTON of Miller Metcalf Estate Agents in Bolton.
    Thank you.

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