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Do you have Christmas lights?

Decorating your house for Christmas is a wonderful thing to do! You don’t need to have children as an excuse to put up a tree or string the house with lights. Enjoy Christmas as much as you can with some … Continue reading

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How lighting affects your home

The mood of a room can be influenced by the lighting. Ceiling lights can be bright and clinically harsh, floor lamps can lend a softness that makes the room feel cosier. Some designs are classics that just keep coming back … Continue reading

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May the Best House Win

I’ve just watched May the Best House Win on ITV. Four people get to go round each other’s house and then score them. The one that wins gets £1000! Quite an interesting idea. I’d missed the lovely georgian house that … Continue reading

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Glitter wallpaper

I didn’t know glitter wallpaper existed until I watched ‘Through the keyhole with Keith Lemon’. It was the first time I’d ever watched this new format of the David Frost and Lloyd Grossman classic show. I was amused by Keith’s … Continue reading

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