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With solar or without

This house is for sale and has solar panels. An interesting line in the details though: The present owners have installed solar panelling which would be available to a purchaser under a separate negotiation. Whilst I like the idea of … Continue reading
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Solar Protection Blinds

I was recently reading about thermal blinds that are designed to keep the heat in, and thought what a good idea they are. At 247Blinds they have Solar Protection Blinds which are dual purpose - they help keep the sun's … Continue reading
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How to make your house warmer

Chilly this morning and it's got me thinking about how you can make your house warmer. If you've got a listed building or are in a conservation area you might not be allowed standard double glazing (or triple glazing!) so … Continue reading
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Why landlords have no excuse not to insulate

It's shocking some of the a stories people tell of landlords refusing to put in even basic insulation in lofts, let alone cavity walls. There's no reason why they shouldn't as there are grants and schemes available. The Landlord’s Energy … Continue reading
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