Big House – restoration home – Pembrokeshire

Big House in PembrokeshireRestoration Home visit Big House in Pembrokeshire. You can watch this on BBC iplayer for another 6 days
Big House in Pembrokeshire.
The description says: Once a building of grandeur and influence, Big House is now a carcass. But digging deep into the archives, the property's historical and architectural roots, gives an insight into the wealth and power of an empire built on one of the country's most precious commodities - coal. And it provides an intriguing tale about the dirty tricks of political corruption.
Why did this house fall into rack and ruin? Can it ever be returned to its former glory and who can tell what it looked like in its heyday?
Owner, Alun, has lived in this part of the world all his life and dreamed of owning Big House ever since he was a small boy. Almost 10 years ago, he bought it. He's got a big job on his hands. Progress has been painfully slow but his aim it to turn Big House into a home.
You can find out more about this and the other restorations in the series by buying the book - Restoration Home: The Essential Guide to Tracing the History of Your House
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  1. Inglis Wightman says:
    What a great restoration by folks working on a tight budget. We were so impressed to see that the right hand wing is being restored as well. The views from the house look amazing, it would be good to know when you are ready for B&B guests. Inglis Wightman

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