Barton style?

Just read a listing that mentions “Barton style range of farm buildings” … What does this mean? A quick search has found nothing useful…

But more indepth has led me to believe it might mean two equal size barns at right angles to each other..
Another reference says “warm cob walls of a Barton in the Culm lands”… Devon New farm buildings
Which then needed me to look up what Culm lands are – which I believe are an area near Exmoor in Devon.

One dictionary reference gives
1. The demesne lands of a manor; also, the manor itself. [Eng.] –Burton.
2. A farmyard. [Eng.] –Southey.

So I can now imagine barton style range of farmbuildings to mean creating a sort of court yard – but perhaps not a full courtyard… so two sides of one?

This is the listing that started me off… There are several others that mention barton style too.

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