Homes from Hell on ITV

Last night’s homes from hell is now available to watch.
I missed it but am going to watch it now

19th July 2011 Episode – people who bought a property on a development which is a ghost town (three out of fifty occupied, electricity from a generator), Their house is sound but the rest of the place is crumbling away already … They spent £180,000 and live there full time. 44 out of 47 are empty!
They’re not even connected to the electricity!

The TV Blurb says Featuring the family who awoke one morning to find a stream running underneath the floorboards of their Cornish cottage.

The bought the cornish one at Auction. Did they have a survey? That might not have helped as they think it’s to do with the former clay mines being filled in behind their house.

The Ianappa one – the builder offered them their money back – what more could they hope for?

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