Your options are to pack everything yourself or get a company in that packs everything for you. You could opt for something in between so you pack everything you don’t want anyone seeing and take that yourself, and allow a professional packing and moving company to get on with the rest!

Pack a small box of tea things separetly so if you get to the house before the removal van does you can enjoy a brew whilst waiting.

Don’t forget to empty the sheds, garages and loft. There are stories of people coming back months later when they realise their winter sports gear is still in the loft!
If you started the moving house journey properly you might well have decluttered already. If you didn’t or have aquired more books, junk and clutter, then moving is a time to get rid of it. Do not leave it in the house for the new owners. Pass it on via friends, freecycle or donate to charity. Do a tip run with anything else.

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