Restoration Home -Stanwick Hall

Stanwick Hall is part 4 of this series of Restoration Home. You can watch it on iplayer

Stanwick HallStanwick Hall is in appalling condition and faces an incredible battle for survival, which City high-flyers Gina and Simon have taken on. The Hall is on the buildings-at-risk register which means it is one of the most endangered structures in the country.

As the restoration throws up more and more serious problems, long forgotten evidence comes to light showing it was built on the biggest financial scandal of the early 18th century and was emblematic of the huge upheaval in the early 19th century that changed the landscape of Britain forever.

It starts by saying that George Downing built Downing Street. And he was a bit of a dodgy property developer. By the 1950s it needed restoring.
Stanwick Hall was also built on the cheap. It has been bought by the Russells in 2007.They paid about £1million for it and have half a million to do it up. They have had to get their plans approved by the heritage commission

Stanwick Hall is on the at risk register at English Heritage – I assume if the family restore it then it will be removed from this list.


Listing text here Grade: II*

You can buy the book Restorarion Home.

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