Help! My House Is Falling

extension foundations Series 2 epeisode 10.
This is one I remember seeing before. Extension not built on deep enough foundations with a swampy mud base. Leaky loo leaking sewage into the underfloor space and rats.
Well they’re not huge problems to solve when they get the insurance company to monitor to cracks in the wall. But it does make me wonder if there will be movement in the future from it as they didn’t notice cracks until some time after they moved in. The condensation was down to not enough insulation and not ventilatiing the house enough.

Rats just need the rat man – and as they said the problem was ongoing still I’d assume they need to speak to their neighbours and get them to ratproof their own homes.
This couple had no budget as they wanted to spend the money on their new kitchen.

It does horrify me slightly that these people discover a problem like the sewage under the floor and don’t just get a plumber in to price up sort it out!

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The Channel 4 description is
Sarah Beeny revisits Paul and Clare Baker, whose house in Essex was cracking apart and infested with rats.

Paul and Clare Baker bought their house in Essex as the perfect home for their four children, but peeling back the wallpaper revealed a terrifying crack all along the back of the property. It turned out their dream home was sitting on six metres of sludge and splitting in half.

Sarah and her team discovered that the problems literally ran very deep, and they also tackled a rat infestation, sewage seeping into the ground floor, and black mould that made the children ill.
A year on, Sarah revisits the family to see if they are finally free of their problems.

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