Beechfield Tower in northumberland

Beechfield TowerBeechfield Tower includes a fine example of a Northumbrian Pele tower.
8 bedrooms and a price tag of £3,500,000 it’s a stunning building.

Picture 6 is dreamy for me!
The pictures are all fascinating. It’s a beautiful building with some really interesting things inside! The Stag heads are probably what you’d expect in a big house like this. The grounds are so pretty and it has a tennis court!

Peel towers (also spelt pele) are small fortified keeps or tower houses, built along the English and Scottish borders in the Scottish Marches and North of England, intended as watch towers where signal fires could be lit by the garrison to warn of approaching danger. By an Act of Parliament in 1455, each of these towers was required to have an iron basket on its summit and a smoke or fire signal, for day or night use, ready at hand. From the wiki page

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