Sarah Beeny Restoration Nightmare

I started to watch it last night and found myself reaching for the channel changer as it was garbage.

The program is using a huge vat of emotional tricks to make the viewers feel sorry for Ms Beeny and her family who might, we are told repeatedly, lose Rise Hall. We are shown clips of them ripping tiles off walls which are green with moss to a comical “I think it’s got damp” from Ms Beeny.

We are then treated to an explanation of why they need this huge house and the acres of land. Apparently they have four boys and boys need to run and they need this space!

If she really believes boys need so much space to run around in why isn’t she starting a charity for underprivaledged children who only have half an acre to much about in.

For someone so involved in property development I am shocked to see a program where she might possibly claim that she wasn’t aware of what the rules where, and has no supporting paperwork to back up her discussions with previous conservation officers. I’ve looked through enough plans online to see that notes from conversation officers litter the applications relating to listed buildings. If she has none of this to back up her meetings and none is recorded at the council then there is only one assumption to make.

I don’t care if Sarah Beeny loses Rise Hall. I think the whole program has been engineered for her to create plenty of publicity for the TV series, and presumably tie in book that will accompany it.
I think the use of her children in the program is unneccessary and aims to draw in sympathy from the veiwer. Perhaps this is another aspect of the program mistimed. In a period of not huge ecomomic growth, credit crunching times and generally the population feeling the squeeze, is a program about a rich TV presenter doing up her enormous house really good viewing?

Other Sarah Beeny related articles on this site include one about the planning permission. There are others too though!

If you think you have the stomach for it, then watch Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare at 4onD now.

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