How to make your house warmer

Tesa Insulating Film for WindowsChilly this morning and it’s got me thinking about how you can make your house warmer. If you’ve got a listed building or are in a conservation area you might not be allowed standard double glazing (or triple glazing!) so you might have single pane windows still. If you have then you could look at some of the window film insulation products available to help you make your home more cosy in the winter – Tesa Insulating Film for Windows, Transparent 4 x 1.5 Metre (Maximum)
is at amazon and allows you to wrap your windows internally to give them some extra insulation value.
It has the disadvantage of needing to be kept on until Spring and that means you’ll not be able to open windows if you’ve covered them all over, but you could do the separate parts of the window and use draft excluder tape to ensure the windo fits snuggling.

window insulation is simple, easy to apply and can make a difference to how warm you’ll be this winter. With rising fuel costs it pays to start looking at what you can do to make your house more insulated.
Even blocking drafts from doors and windows can make a big difference to how warm you’ll feel so why not start this today!

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