Designer radiators

Designer radiatorsHow many times have you seen a radiator and thought “oh I like that”… A few times maybe. I love the really chunky looking ones like you used to get in schools. Really solid looking radiators look good in big rooms, but there are so many types of designer radiator.

A review of designer radiators at B&Q
In the photo shown on this page there are three radiators. One of them doesn’t even look like a radiator, you might be mistaken for thinking it’s a mirror. It’s a clever design, using the upright style of radiator in conjunction with a reflective surface that makes it something entirely different.

From a heating perspective you need to know the BTU you need. There’s a calculator for this which needs room sizes.The british thermal unit works out how much radiator power you need.
You need to know the type of room: whether it’s a living room, a sleeping area or another type.
You’ll need room measurements including height and information on whether it’s got french windows, double glazing or is north facing.
The calculator gives you a BTU/hour figure and it’s this that you need to know for each room you need a new radiator for.

They have over 180 contemporary radiators which means you’ll find something that suits your needs in a style you like.
You can search by colour, by brand or by style or finish.
There are several brands Accuro-Korle , Acova, Bristan ,Jaga, Kudox , Thermic , and XIMAX ,

I do like the more unusual ones but you’d have to weigh up which would suit your own house and style. If you’re looking for a radiator for a dark room then picking a reflective one would certainly bounce more light off. For limited wall space you can pick a narrow one.

Things to look out for – what will heat it

– hot water central heating systems means
– hot water heating systems and can also be fitted with an electric element
– Stand alone electric only – no plumbing required

Fitting an electric element means you can press a button and have a hot radiator without having your central heating on. A real luxury treat!

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