Home of the Future

In the first episode, the family discover what rest and relaxation will be like, as they road test some of the latest sleep-enabling gadgets, designed to help them fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, stop snoring, and monitor the quality of their kip. There are even brainwave-controlled meditation games.

The programme also reveals what a fully automated house is like, with everything from the blinds and the lights to the music and the TV controlled from a ‘smart’ device. And forget about a front door key; the house now has a computer-controlled thumb print door entry system!

For the first time, youngest son Leon gets a space all to himself – a bedroom in the garden – while mum Michele tries out the latest driver-aided cars, which do the difficult job of parallel parking for her, and presenter Chris finds out about the future of driverless cars.

There are also robot lawnmowers that cut the grass by themselves and a mini power station installed in the house to provide electricity for the new technological toys.

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It’s a Sunday night program and is next on Sun 19 February, 7.30pm – but catch up on 4ondemand
There’s a house full of tech gadgets and a real family living in it – the house has BlueGen Fuel-cell CHP!

It says they spent £250,000 fitting the house with gadgets!

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