Dressing a bedroom to sell

bedroom-styleHave a look at how shops promote their bedrooms to get ideas for showing yours off.
A bedroom should be seen as somewhere to relax, to sleep and enjoy a restful night. That probably means decluttering the bedroom of books, phones, TVs, and assorted junk then ends up scattered about.
Make the room light and airy, and make it very clean.
Have fresh bedding for putting on for viewings.

This is a lovely brightm spring bedding set that will enhance your bedroom.

There are roses and a cup and lamp on the bedside table. It is a soft elegant look. Catherine Lansfield Canterbury Double Duvet Set, Multi

Put all the old bedding away ni the cupboard and put out the new stuff. Have an iron on standby in case it’s got creased in the cupboard. Ironing bedding might not be something you do for yourself but it gives a really good look to the bed. I have heard of people just putting the duvet cover on top, but asses how your bedmaking skills are and whether it looks right. You might find it easier with a throw, Double bed throws at Amazon so check those out. Again look at the photos of bedrooms to see they are stylishly dressed to impress. Just as when you buy a duvet or throw you’re buying the style that comes with it, when you’re selling a house you want to present a lovely lifestyle to the viewers.
Make sure the room smells good too – one of those subtle air fresheners will keep is nice.
Make sure the washing is all hidden away too.

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