I’ve spoken to someone in the last week who is looking for land to place his pre-built Huf House. It’s in Germany costing him storage at the moment of about £250 a month.
He can’t sell his top floor duplex flat even though he’s dropped the price by 1/3 because of the high service charges.
He was looking at a bit of land near me with a view to buying it. Me? I just wondered if it was suitable for keeping bee hives on.
The land in question is enclosed behind houses and probably a very glass filled Huf House is not what planning would consider. They might allow a bungalow that wasn’t going to look in at anyone, but probably not a 2 storey building. The idea of squeezing builders lorries down the little alley, let alone getting services put on seems a nightmare. There was also the problem with people having adopted land over time.

Adverse possession – a very interesting subject! And not something I would want to embark on with solicitors fees!

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