Rightmove main page changed!

It was normal this morning but I’ve just done a search and it’s changed! Massively!
[Yes I really do use rightmove several times a day]

Here’s a screengrab.

Rightmove changed their layout

You can now filter by newest listed (used to be most recent) or now, oldest listed! Now I like that!

They’re showing two photos of the property on the main listing page, which will give some estate agents something to do – to make sure the best two photos are first!

Must have options:
Must Haves:
Garden, Parking, New Home, Retirement Home, Shared Ownership, Auction Property

And don’t show:

New Home, Retirement Home, Shared Ownership

It’s took me a couple of searches before I realised the first property listed was a featured one. Nasty.

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