ADVERT: Garden tidy and pruning AND Kerb appeal

Garden Tidy & Pruning
Now that summer is coming to a close, having an autumn tidy up will help to ensure that your plants are healthy and able to thrive next year; that your soil is filled with nutrients come the spring and that the whole area looks its best over winter. Here at Harrod Horticultural we have some great tools to help with your Garden Tidy Up.

Tidying up your garden is important if you are trying to sell your house. The above links will take you to a wonderful gardening shop where they sell lots of tools and equipment to help you tidy your garden up. If you purchase through the link within so many days then I will receive a tiny amount of commission. This will help keep the site running and enable me to do more posts about lovely houses we’d all love to buy.


Kerb appeal sounds so obvious when you say it, but you are so used to seeing the front of your home that you might miss something obvious.

One lady I knew was selling her home and had ruthlessly decluttered and made it lovely inside, with exposed floorboards and nicely decorated lounge room and dining area but she’d missed the outside front garden completely.

It had rusty railings along the front and was a bit wild looking. Her husband set to re-doing the railings and she weeded the front. It looked so much better after a weekend’s work! She got the estate agent to retake the front photo and the house got more viewings and quickly sold after that.


If you’d like some help and suggestions on how to improve your house’s kerb appeal then add a comment below.

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