Still browsing Wales

It’s really beautiful around Tenby! I think it’s fair to say this part of Wales is on my wish list of places I would buy a house in – with a lottery win.
This one is stunning.
Round Well
Despite growing up watching Neighbours on TV, I think this is the right amount of neighbours to have!
This house has a beautiful big kitchen with an Aga. There’s a games room with table tennis table – You can play Table tennis with the oculus! But it would be nice to have a house big enough for a table for the times you want a game in real life!
The house is beautifully decorated. I don’t think I’d change a thing.
Some lovely furniture too.

There’s a matterport again

One of my first memories is of a holiday to a cottage in Wales. The cottage was owned by a friend of my dads. We were lucky enough to spend a week there. It was lovely. I was very yound and my main memories of it are the slate window sills and a lovely walk towards the sea.
This Matterport really makes me smile as you can see the beautiful windowledges. Imaging sitting there at dusk, it’d be beautiful.

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