Virtual viewings

I love these! Found another one last night
Gardens Cottage is beautiful

Third “photo” is their 3d tour. Lovely. You can view it on your normal computer or phone.

This is on Giraffe

Virtual viewing
This shows there’s dots on a floor plan (Which makes it easier to navigate maybe than the matterport if you want to just have a quick look.)

You can look up and down and all around. It’s like being there almost. Although looking out of the backdoor I notice this one doesn’t have an arrow to take you to an outside view like others I’ve seen. Still, it’s an amazing way to view a house without actually going and would confirm that I did want to view this house.

You can view outside though with the options on the navigation floor plan.
See bottom left. You can also see in this that you can look up.
This is so much better than the wide angle lens pictures estate agents often take of houses.

I’ve found the way out on the giraffe view – look for doors with arrows on doorways!

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