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About HouseCritic.co.uk

Property seems to have been in the nation’s eye for many years now as something to drool over. It’s the theme behind some of the UK’s favourite TV shows. Diane writes articles about housing, buying and selling, as well as information for renters. It’s a mix of news, reviews and topic debate where you can read about the nation’s obsession with all things housing related.

I love houses! I really enjoy looking round other people’s homes and viewing properties that are for sale. I particularly love older properties and love original features that are preserved.
There’s an art to viewing houses when you’re looking to buy them. It’s easy to whizz round and be overwhelmed by the beautiful furniture of the owner, their ornaments and their style and forget you’re actually looking at the house not their stuff. It’s a mistake I’ve seen many people make on the TV too. Amidst all the TV shows about buying and selling property there are people who think a room is too cluttered and therefore unsuitable for their needs, when in reality it’s just got way too much furniture in and the furnishings make it look small. I love watching people on these shows who rip apart someone’s taste and décor, not realising perhaps that the house owners might see the show and be hurt by the nasty words.

I love houses. I love looking at property. I’m always keen to view nice houses and explore some of their features. I’m always looking up areas on property websites and seeing what houses are for sale. I’m an armchair connoisseur of houses. I’ve bought a couple of houses too in the last couple of years and am keen to buy another one!

This site is here to allow me to share my thoughts on property in general as well as looking at specific houses and giving my opinion. I’ve viewed an awful lot of houses for sale and have got some hints to make life easier for you if you’re looking to buy a house.

The information on this site is my opinion and is not intended as legal advice. If you have any legal issues then contact your own solicitor for advice personal to you.

House Critic is my new site which will allow me to share with you my thoughts and opinions on properties, TV shows and other aspects of the housing market.

If you’re interested in doing business with House Critic then please get in touch!

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