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Buy some fantastic books to help you buy, renovate or sell your property. All from amazon which means free delivery! I’ve picked some of my favourite TV property experts like Kevin McCloud and Sarah Beeny as well as lots of DIY books to help you find the expert advice you need.

There are tons of great DIY books as well as guides to buying and selling property.

If you’re interested in buying houses then you should have a shelf full of books as reference to ensure you have read up on the subject – as well as bookmarking this site of course!

If you think we’re missing an author on this bookshop then please get in touch – and if you’d like to send us a review of one of your favourite books then get in touch too so we can share your book review with all of our readers.

I’ve also included the DIY tools and materials section as you’ll find all sorts of useful things here for when you’re viewing houses – including a torch, step ladder, damp meter and a tape measure!

Books from TV series

Restoration HomeRestoration Home: The Essential Guide to Tracing the History of Your House
BBC TWO’s Restoration Home goes on an extraordinary journey of discovery with six new owners of crumbling listed buildings, as they restore them into beautiful 21st Century homes, and uncover, layer by layer, a rich and detailed history of the house and its former occupants.

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