Useful book – Buy, Sell and Move House

Buy, Sell and Move House bookIf you're new to buying a house then this book will explain some of the mysteries to you!
Buy, Sell and Move House has lots of useful information about buying a house, a useful glossary that explains lots of the terms you'll find listed on both estate agent sites and solicitors letters. It's a sensible purchase for anyone planning on buying their first house.
It has advice on starting to look for a house, all the way through to useful moving day information.

Buy, Sell and Move House: Navigate the Property Market without Getting Lost (Which? Essential Guide)
Which? Books are written for consumers by experts in their subject, so you can be confident this book will provide you with lots of useful information and advice. The book has a flowchart which tells you what chapters to look at in what sequence when you're buying a house. This sort of guide makes it useful for reference as well as an overview.
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  1. It is such a great idea to do your research before moving house and a handy book is a great idea. However, if you don't want to buy all the books in the shop and you are not sure which one is for you then why not try and seek advice from a reputable estate agent. I know what you are thinking that if you are not buying from this estate agent why should they help you? However, if you just send them an email asking for a few pointers, give them a quick call or what they will really to respond to is if you tweet or facebook them. That way you can start with a basic question and get a conversation flowing. Furthermore, the good thing about social media is everyone can see it and no business wants to look unhelpful.
  2. Diane says:
    Thanks Christina! That's a great idea!

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