The Great British Property Scandal

The Great British Property Scandal which is on Channel 4 on Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th December 2011. Architect and presenter George Clarke will front the series which will highlight the nearly two million British families who don’t have adequate housing, and the million-odd homes lying empty across the UK. Architect Clarke will set out to raise awareness of the issue and offer practical solutions for those affected.
Clarke argues that “the Government’s plan to build new homes is not necessarily the right approach,” and suggests ‘more cost effective and efficient ways to utilize the properties that are currently lying empty.” Clarke will also lobby central government and local councils to commit to re-using empty homes across the whole of the UK.
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8 Responses to The Great British Property Scandal

  1. Sue Thomas says:
    Brilliant programme. It is time this dreadful scandal was addressed. Houses without residents. Homeless people. Renovations needed doing. People needing to learn skills and get work. Are we really such a stupid nation. I really do hope something can be done
  2. Larry Foley says:
    Hi, I have just watched the Monday programme and I am in shock at the state the politcians have got this country into. Why not start up a savings fund with an appeal to all the people that feel as upset as I do having seen this programme. Also why not get any body interested to contact local councils for the amount of local empty houses in the town they live in and form a local register.
  3. l recently watched the first episode of The Great British Property Scandal, l was impressed by George Clarke passion to help homeless people and the problems they face in disgusting properties and all the thousands of properties left unoccupied up and this country. l live in a private rented accomodation , and now l am out of work l have had to apply for social housing , lve been told been l could be on the list for years , as l dont qualify for any housing need, however my rent for this property isnt covered as the government have capped private rents , so l have to top up from my dole money a total of 32.95 a month , from job seekers allowance of only 135 every two weeks, before any thing is paid for heating or food to live on. l dont know how long l can continue doing this , as l am already in arrears and no chance of a getting Job at present. After seeing your programme , l would actually live in those houses and be prepared to refurbish it myself, in fact people whom are unemployed could contribute to the labour and with supervision learn skills , housing projects should be introduced as l actually worked for Shape Housing in birmingham in the late 80s /90s when labour had such charity projects going in the community , l remembered the work force of labourers , plasters and bricklayers transformed run down properties into affordable and decent homes for people to live . These projects gave not only temporary employment to bulders , but gave back a home into the community. In an economy that is in the state it is , wouldnt it make ecomomic sense to bring these projects back . l hope channel 4 programme can open some doors and make the government and local councils take note .
  4. susan ash says:
    Dear George god bless you for trying, but mps councils, could not care less, this england is done for, they have no idea what people are going through and they do not listen, why should they all they care about is there wages. Our england is done the loan proposel you speak about will just bring all the greedy taking people out and no one will be better off carnt say all I feel we are not a free speach country. hope so much it would work, will not hold my breath.
  5. alan bailey says:
    just thought i would give a perspective from the other side of the fence. although some of georges comments were a fair assessment i think he is being a bit naive about the cost of renovating some of the properties shown in the programme. i am a private landlord and usually spend around 15 to 20 k bringing an empty property up to the standards people want to live in, the 2 to 3 k stated would barely cover a new central heating system. by past experience i have also found nobody wants to live in the back to back terraces with no garden or family space, that is why they are empty i also express concern at his ideas for turning more people with empty homes into landlords, unless you know what your doing the rules and regulations can be a minefield, and dont expect the rent money to roll in immediately unlike most private landlords i allow tenants leeway until housing benefit has been sorted out, but ive been waiting 3 months now for easington district council to process a few forms, all the while having another property that a family could be living in sitting empty because im waiting for money to finish renovations dont always be so quick to blame evil landlords, sometimes its not thir fault
  6. Diane says:
    You can't write off property because of no garden - think of the people who live in flats
  7. Diane says:
    I'll give the example of the houses on Chimney Pot Park in Salford - rightmove link - as what can be done with terraces. They've completely changed them but it cost a lot more than £15k!
  8. Sharon Roberts says:
    Brilliant, watched the programme Monday, at last some common sense. Housing is a big problem up here in North Wales. Is this the 21st Century we are living in, or are we fast sliding backwards to the WORKHOUSE ERA.

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