New! Harlequin Book Of Little Treasures Wallpaper Collection

Harlequin Book Of Little Treasures Wallpaper Collection

This is a fabulous collection – Playful and charismatic, made with love for the little ones in your life. Whether you’re flying high above the skies, exploring a tropical jungle or bringing polka dots and stripes to your walls, Book Of Little Treasures brings a stylish and charismatic touch to any child’s room, with plenty of adventure and imagination ahead!

Lifes A Circus is a fab mural!
Lifes A Circus







Above and below mural








Here are a few more of the wallpapers. The owl wallpaper will be a real favourite I know!

Harlequin Book Of Little Treasures Wallpaper Collection

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Grey houses on rightmove

I won’t share the link but here’s a snippet off my local house search

grey grey grey
You’ll see the left hand picture appears to be full colour – the red of the bricks is stunningly bright. Then you look at the two photos that show in the new rightmove layout.
How grey are those photos?
You’d almost think that they were in greyscale but the red drainpipe outside in the bottom picture and the tiny sliver of orange picture on the wall in the top picture is a hint that actually the kitchen really is that grey.

I know a few years ago there was  a huge trend for magnolia in properties to give it a very neutral clean feel. Magnolia is a warm colour compared to the grey that’s currently on trend.

I’m not a fan of grey kitchens and houses.

Is this the greyest house you’ve ever seen?

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Bees wallpaper

You’d be surprised how many people love bees.
Here’s a brilliant selection of bee wallpaper at Wallpaper Direct

Honey bees Gold

and honey bee rose wallpaper

honey bee wallpaper

bee wallpaper

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Wallpaper ideas

Pick some brilliant new wallpaper here

Do you want to redecorate? 

This amazing paper is called Reverie. It’s stunning. It’d make an amazing feature wall in any home. It’s available at Wallpaperdirect

Beautiful exotic wallpaper

Don’t be grey! Be bold and beautiful

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Need a new boiler? Fed up with ringing plumbers for quotes? Boxt takes the stress out of this by allowing you to organise a replacement boiler online.

You answer a series of questions and get quotes, pick a boiler and installation date, pay and then they do the rest!

Profile Picture


  • BOXT are the UK’s no.1 ranked gas installation company as voted for by our TrustPilot customers
  • Launched in April 2017, BOXT is now the 2nd largest boiler installer in the UK.
  • They offer their customers a range of boilers from Worcester Bosch, Ideal and Heatline.
  • BOXT are the only way to buy your boiler online – that can provide next day installation – nationwide
  • With no salesperson – we are on average, a third cheaper than any of their competitors (including British Gas)
  • Their customers pay a fixed price online, starting at just £8.08 per month.
  • Making it the cheapest and most flexible boiler offer in the UK – with a ten-year warranty provided (avoiding boiler insurance fees)
  • They are part-owned by Bosch

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Toolstation win a van competition

Enter every day apparently! Ends 13/1/20

I’d love a van!

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Useful site needs you to register to start using it but this initial level is free. It’s one of those sites that you’ll love if you’re nosey.
In it’s free format it allows you to see the land by titles. It gives the area of the parcel of land, Most useful is the title number which allows you to get documents from the land registry about ownership. Land registry costs you £3 and this site will get the reports for you but they charge more than the land registry.

The Land Registry search can be found here

But you need a house number and postcode, which isn’t always easy if you’re just mooching – and on the site I found the Nimbus link was recommending it for using for finding the owners of land to ask for permissions for metal detecting! So Nimbus is good for less easy to find properties – to track down that all important title number.

Nimbus also gives information about unregistered properties –

Unregistered Land :Registration became compulsory in the 1980/90s. Unregistered properties have not changed hands since then.

A red outline or red pin shows freehold titles.A green pin shows leases granted and registered with the Land Registry (term of 7 years or more). Numerous leases in a location are clustered together into a green spot with a number. Source of this data is the Land Registry,

Planning Marker

These icons show the planning history of a postcode when planning is displayed. Specific properties with a planning history will be highlighted yellow in addition (switched on through the filters). Source: 427 council planning

In conclusion this site is great for nosey people, for those looking at the rightmove listings and wondering how which land is included with properties (Because strangely million plus houses don’t always show themselves off nicely on rightmove!)

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Crash map

Wondering how safe somewhere is?

I’m watching the planning meeting of my local council on youtube and they’re talking about a development and problems potentially with road accidents –
Which reminded me of this web site

It’s not cheery reading, but might be of interest to you if you’ve ever wondered how safe the roads are near you.

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Tackling Anti-social behaviour – Govt leaflet

Not everywhere is lovely and quiet! Some places have anti-social behaviour problems.
There’s a government leaflet to help offer you advice on how to deal with this


One of the things they suggest is reporting via Crimestoppers.

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Advert: Amazon Business

Amazon Business

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Easy reconciliation

Line-item detail: Simplify reconciliation through detailed invoices when using Pay by Invoice (subject to satisfactory credit checks and individual credit limit), or enhanced transaction data on eligible commercial credit cards.
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Seamless integration: Use your existing procurement systems to purchase on Amazon, including Coupa, JAGGAER and SAP Ariba.
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