Wallpaper Essentials

Want to do some wallpapering?

You’ll need a few things

    1. A wallpaper table -You’ll need one of these for putting wallpaper on to paste it! They fold up and hide away in the loft! Make sure you wash any excess paste off it before putting it away
    2. Wallpapering tool set – Set includes a Paste Brush, a Smoothing Brush, Seam Roller, Scissors, a Stripping Knife and a Plumb Bob & Line.
    3. Paste – essential! Solvite All-Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive, wallpaper glue for wallcovering and wallpaper hanging projects, hangs up to 10 Rolls (1x185g Sachet)
    4. Wallpaper!
      Millions to pick from!

A particularly nice paper –

Crown M1552 Mariko Mint/Plum Wallpaper



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Banning plastic forks!

Ditch plastic forks, use normal cutleryAn off topic eco-rant from me for a moment, if you don’t mind.
A recent news article suggested that we should ban plastic forks. The article went on to promote the use of bamboo forks instead. So instead of plastic forks washing up on our beaches, we’ll have bamboo forks. Whilst they might be slightly better for the environment than plastic, it’s still waste polluting our land and seas.

A much better alternative would be to carry a fork yourself, and use that instead when you want to eat out and not use your fingers. If it’s in a nice washable bag you can take it home and clean it properly. This would have tons less impact on the environment than using a different type of disposable fork.

The Four Rs are: reduce, reuse, repair, recycle.

So it’s always better to reduce the need for plastic forks. Are people so busy rushing about they can’t sit down and use a real fork? I don’t think using a real fork would have much impact, you’d just want to make sure you can carry it home to wash it without much trouble.

Being able to reuse a fork many times is much better for the environment than using a disposable fork.

Luckily I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Someone’s already got a set of cutlery in a lovely little neat bag. (Amazon link, I will earn a tiny tiny tiny amount of money if you click through and buy today)

It’s about the size of a pencil case, so will fit in most bags very easily. If you’re not likely to want all of the things in it then leave them at home to reduce weight.  This set includes: Knife, Fork, Spoon, Chopsticks, Cleaning Brush, Straws, and the container to carry them in.

If you’ve already for a pretty washbag you could use that and just carry a few spoons and forks from the cutlery drawer at home.

There are sets out there that use bamboo and wheat straw cutlery, but this seems completely silly to me. We’re happy to use metal spoons at home and wash them, so why not consider this as a very simple eco-move you can make yourself to ensure you never use a plastic fork again.

If you’re off out for the day with your family then pack enough forks and spoons for everyone, and then in the same way as we say at the supermarket “No, I’ve bought my own bag thank you”, we’ll be able to say “No thank you, I don’t need a plastic fork, I’ve bought my own.”

It’s such a simple thing to do. Please consider adding a fork bag into your everyday bag.

There’s a huge range of travel cutlery at Amazon UK for you to look at.

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Housing in Hong Kong

This is pretty grim watching. The sleep pods in the lounge don’t appear to offer anyone much privacy. However they 6ft cupboards later in the report are just horrendous.


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Wallpaper of the week!

Wallpaper Direct offering the widest selection of Wallpaper online.

Tropical landscape features soft muted shades and pink subtle flamingoes. This is a gentle wallpaper, easy on the eye.  This would be lovely in a sitting room, or lounge. It’s such a nice soft pattern, easy on the eye, it’d make any room feel very relaxed. Add dark green plants for a touch of elegance, it’d look lovely with dark wood furniture too.


Wallpaper of the week

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Beautiful farm house

Beautiful farm house with Matterport viewer!

It has a mill wheel! It’s beautiful. Lovely views too.

What I like about this place – it’s got a lovely workshop space for someone to be making all sorts of nice woodworking things in. A lovely big lounge! About 15 acres which sounds about right.

I love the boot room – with facilities – a tiled floor is very useful when you come in with muddy wellies. This would be great! It’s not a huge house upstairs – but so much space outside!

Matterport has a play button!

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22000 books

This amazing house has a library with 22000 books or so!

Amazing house. The Chanters House is one of the most exquisite and historically significant houses for sale in the country. A sensational example of period architecture dating from the 14th Century to the modern day, this home has undergone extensive and painstaking renovations over the past 10 years by the current owners to make it a magnificent country home once again.

“dazzling indoor swimming pool” says the blurb and it is beautiful. I would very much like a swimming pool.

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You see them from time to time! A mis-filed house!

Shall we say nothing about the cost of a three bedroom flat in London being the same as a huge country pile elsewhere in the country?

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Another one!

Have I spent too much time on rightmove this week? No. There’s no such thing as too much time on rightmove.

This house has a matterport viewing!
The house viewing starts with a beautiful piece of hall furniture. The lovely lounge has a corner with a computer desk and plenty of storage! Love it! That’d do us! Smashing kitchen leading to the conservatory.

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The king came to tea in 1912!

I love it when estate agents include lovely snippets about properites. They’ve included quite a bit about this visit and it’s charming!

This beautiful house is absolutely magnificent and I can’t blame the king for wanting to go and see it! It’s in Holmfirth.

Pictures are lovely. The house is absolutely lovely and it has a swimming pool too. I know the house photos would have been better but I spotted this and thought it was worth including this to follow the horse theme from other recently posted houses. It’s within walking distance of the station too. Always a plus if you have to commute.

A fascinating snippet: The cellar also has an unusual feature of two large access doors which from steps in the courtyard give direct access down to the cellars providing great entertainment/party space at a different level if required.

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Stunning equestrian property

Another one with Matterport for you. Can you tell I really like these?
It has roses round the door
* 5 pitch caravan sites (For those guests who you want to come to stay but not in the house!)
* 25 acres of pasture

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