Do you have Christmas lights?

Decorating your house for Christmas is a wonderful thing to do! You don't need to have children as an excuse to put up a tree or string the house with lights. Enjoy Christmas as much as you can with some of the great seasonal offers they have at John Lewis. 233392637alt4 233394364John Lewis have some wonderful Christmas lights
Whether you're after indoor or outdoor lights, they've got some lovely designs as well as LED line lights to enable you to decorate around the items in your home or garden. There are some really fun items like the light up John Lewis Wooden Deer Head, or the John Lewis Light Up Church. Both of these will add a real touch of Christmas celebration to your home.
If you want more than just Christmas lights, then John Lewis has a huge Christmas section worth a browse. They sell real trees as well as artificial!
Design your Christmas with style with the Christmas Past range of elegant and stylish decorations that will give your Christmas a really traditional feel. Their Vintage Vibrant style is lovely too, bright bold colours and shapes you'll remember from no so long ago!  The croft collection is silver and white themes that will be an elegant and understated style you will love too. Copenhagen is their scandi style in simple designs and elegantly bold colours of black white and red.  The festive friends collection will appeal to anyone with a younger audience to impress, cheery bright festive snowmen, reindeer and santas.
They have everything your house needs for Christmas including Christmas trees, all the decorations you'll ever need - baubles and tree decorations galore. Tree skirts to finish off the beautiful tree. Wreaths and garlands for your door, so everyone who visits knows just how much you love Christmas from the moment they reach your front door. Table decorations and crackers for the best dinner of the year, candles to light and all sorts of lovely accessories.
They have advent calendars for the children to start the countdown off - make sure you order them so they're there from the 1st December. Plus stockings and sacks to stuff with presents. Their children's toy section is awesome too, and well worth a look for all those presents to stash under the tree! They have everything you need to wrap the presents up. And for the grown ups they have amazing gift ideas for everyone.
You could get everything you need for Christmas from John Lewis!
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How lighting affects your home

233677110The mood of a room can be influenced by the lighting. Ceiling lights can be bright and clinically harsh, floor lamps can lend a softness that makes the room feel cosier. Some designs are classics that just keep coming back - Anglepoise lamps are available right now at John Lewis as both table lights and wall lights. The classic design remains as stylish as ever. I love the anglepoise lamp style and have an original one that I use regularly. 233706923The entire lighting range at John Lewis is well worth a look for other styles and designs in both pendant lights, and more table lights such as this really unusual Ebb & Flow Glow in Dome Table Lamp. I think this would make a really stunning table lamp in a lounge or study. Visit John Lewis's lighting section for more inspirational ideas for your home. As always they have some really lovely items for your home.  
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May the Best House Win

I've just watched May the Best House Win on ITV. Four people get to go round each other's house and then score them. The one that wins gets £1000! Quite an interesting idea. I'd missed the lovely georgian house that won, and didn't like the two 1960s houses. I missed the bloke's house too. Certainly something to watch if you're nosey! You can find out when it's next on using locate TV
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Glitter wallpaper

I didn't know glitter wallpaper existed until I watched 'Through the keyhole with Keith Lemon'. It was the first time I'd ever watched this new format of the David Frost and Lloyd Grossman classic show. I was amused by Keith's behaviour in the 'celeb' house. But amazed by the shiny glittery wallpaper. It was someone from the X-factor for the first part and then they went to Hilary Duvey - her lovely Staffordshire mansion - she has lived there for 7 years and it took 2 years to paint. It was also once the property of King Edward VII. They also visted Nicky Clarke's London home. The show is great if you are as nosey as me and want to see inside celeb's houses.
Glitter Wallpaper (Silver) - price per metre Glitter Wallpaper
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London most expensive place to live

London has overtaken Hong Kong as the most expensive city to live and work in, according to a survey by Savills. says the article in the Metro today.
Is this actually a good thing? Probably not.
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Radio play: Interiors

About a man showing people round his house...

Johnny Vegas welcomes you to the tasteful home of Jeffrey Parkin.

"Now you may notice as we begin our tour in earnest that there are some design initiatives around the house that aren't, strictly speaking, finished... I terms of the decor I've been playing around with some ideas. Not all the colour schemes have been finalised yet but I think you'd all agree, that's a veritable bonus. Most of the hard work's done so I'm basically handing you a colour-by-numbers dream home come true. You just paint in between the guiding lines that my vision has provided you with, and you're laughing."
Interiors shines a mis-wired spotlight on the structural flaws exposed in the recent demise of the British property market and sparks on the revelation that a house really stands up or falls down on the basis of its human contents.
Based on an original play by Johnny Vegas, Stewart Lee and Rob Thirtle.
Directed by Dirk Maggs
Produced by Sally Harrison
A Woolyback Production for BBC Radio 4
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Affordable Homes Bill 2014-15

Affordable Homes Bill 2014-15 is making it's way through parliament. You can watch the progress here
Mr George’s Private Members’ Bill will include: -
i) Extension of the Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme or the creation of a new Affordable Homes Investment Bank to underpin the ‘intermediate’ market (shared equity/shared ownership/mutual housing) to construct a new lower rung on the housing ladder for those who cannot afford the full cost of full market ownership housing.
ii) Negating an effect of the spare room subsidy/‘bedroom tax’ – on basis that poor families are as entitled to a stable family home as better off families. This would limit the bedroom tax to exclude those who have been living at an address for more than 3 years and where disabled adaptations have been completed
iii) The introduction of a new ‘Use Class’ in the planning Use Classes Order for ‘non-permanent residential use’ (second homes) which would empower local planning authorities to control the number of second homes in their area. iv) Enhance powers of compulsory purchase for local authorities where either developers land bank development sites or fail to use sites for which planning permission has been granted but developments not advanced or where need for affordable homes cannot be met on ‘exception’ sites through community land auctions/trusts.
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Kate Bush’s house

Story here about Kate Bush's house Grief cliff: Massive landslip leaves Kate Bush's 17-acre home on Devon coast at risk of crumbling into the sea
House at risk since a ‘significant landslip’ last year

Devon County Council subsequently closed off a half-mile section of the coastline that runs by the foot of Kate’s land,
You could look through this list of footpath closures and see if you could track down where it was.
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Landfill near your home

Always worth taking a snoop aroud the local area, researching and reading up on things like landfill.
Robbie William's house is plagued by a smell from landfill according to this metro story

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Don’t use an estate agent…

Use HouseWeb to sell your house.

Since 1996, the UK’s longest establish property web site, has been helping 1,000’s of homeowners sell their home with or without an estate agent, saving on average £5,500! A typical advert costs just 199 and stays on the site until the property is sold. A low cost solution to finding a buyer for your house.
They do have a free guide to selling your house which you can download here
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