Reporting Japanese Knotweed is a website where once you’ve registered you can report Japanese knotweed.

The Environment Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, Natural Resources Wales and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency have joined forces to help combat the spread of the UK’s most problematic invasive, non-native plant species.

It’s easy to register on the site. You do need a photo of the knotweed you’re reporting too.

I’d recommend you report any you find near you as it will encourage councils to take action where it’s on their land and reduce it’s spread.

I know there’s some on the brook near me and I will go and take a photo of it in the next few days and then report it! I had taken a photo when I’d originally seen it but it’s not very good so I’ll have another go.

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Sold prices map on Rightmove

I suspect this is a fairly new feature, but I haven’t spent a lot of time recently looking at sold prices.
The colour code relates to price.
It’s a nice feature, which in some areas will perhaps really highlight cheap streets! House  prices is in the top menu option on the rightmove site. You can use a specific postcode, or a more generic part postcode.
You can increase the radius, narrow down years sold in, and the type and tenure (freehold or leasehold)

sold prices map Rightmove









Why do people look at sold prices? To give them an idea of what it might cost them on roads where a house might not be currently available, to find out what their neighbours paid for their house and for finding out the differences a road can make!

Of course there’s lots of reasons why houses sell at different prices. A beautifully presented house might go for a good bit more than a shabby one; houses with bigger outside space might also sell for more than others on the same street. It’s a guide not a guarantee! Some people think estate agent valuations are really a promise of what you’ll get. However the housing market is incredibly fickle and if credit dries up and prevents people borrowing houses then prices drop. If a house has Japanese knotweed near it then it’ll also  perhaps sell for less if the buyers realise, or the mortgage company is aware.


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Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It

I’ve watched a few of these episodes and they’re nice easy viewing.  Can you believe it that they’re on series 4 of this show?

It sounds like it’s almost a game show but it’s not. Channel four describe it as: Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp go head to head as they battle it out to convince homeowners to either sell their home or refurbish it

It does give Kirstie a chance to give people a sledge hammer. I do like the way that houses are remodeled to give people a better idea of how to use their space and what knocking down a few walls and moving doors can do. When you live in a house you might have it so fixed in your mind that you can’t see – sometimes quite radical – solutions to how to use the space better.

As more people have children staying at home for longer, it’ll be more important to create spaces within homes for people to enjoy living space without getting on top of each other.  The episode I watched recently – series 4 episode 10 – Royal Wooton Bassett revisit – deals with this problem and they transform a four doored lounge into a much more usable space.  The couple end up moving to Wales though in the revisit bit of the program!


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Versace 4 Wallpaper

Versace 4 was created in 1992 initially as a textile collection, which soon became a complete home collection.

Fast forward to today and Versace Home takes the iconic Fashion House’s glamour and luxury into everyday living by presenting the new wallpaper collection.

Wallpaper Direct offering Versace 4 which was created in 1992 initially as a textile collection, which soon became a complete home collection..

Versace 4 Wallpaper Collection










This is an absolutely lovely range of papers. You could do a feature wall of it in your lounge or bedroom!


This is an advert. I get paid a tiny commission if you click through and buy something through the link.

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Worst photo of the week

Worst photo of the week!
Why would you use such a glary picture? It doesn’t show the house off very well. Perhaps the estate agent had missed sunset?

terrible photo like search lights shining












I’ve not included the house listing as the house is quite nice and actually this photo really shouldn’t be on there.
Estate agents take note! People don’t like the look of a house that feels like it’s got search lights outside!

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WallpaperDirect beautiful wallpaper

Wallpaper Direct offering the widest selection of Wallpaper online has exclusive Morris & Co wallpaper.

Morris Bird & Pomegranate Turquoise / Coral Wallpaper - Product code: 216713 Bird & Pomegranate – One of the last of the true Morris designs from 1926, showing birds amongst branches of foliage and pomegranate fruit. Shown in shades of green on metallic turquoise background with coral pink details. Exclusively recoloured and printed on a non-woven paper


Absolutely stunningly beautiful wallpapers.

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Useful to know

I’ve not really used ‘On the Market‘ much, but today I have had a play.

I put in a postcode and did a search. It extended the postcode to within 1/4 mile which wasn’t a problem at all. I assume it did this as there wouldn’t have been any results. A search of the postcode L39 sticks at that area, because there’s plenty of results and it’s a big area.

It reveals a grid display of houses for sale. I played with the filters and was very impressed by it increasing the search radius when I searched for land for sale.  That’s pretty clever I thought!

It seems to default to ‘most recent’ but as I like looking and drooling over big houses that doesn’t work for me! I do understand if you’re actually looking to buy a house you’re probably keeping quite a keen eye on the market and want to see what’s come up since you last searched.

I’m not sure I like it as much as Rightmove but I will certainly play with it a bit more to see what else it can do.

You can indeed draw areas like on Rightmove.


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Funny name of the week

This farm has an amusing name


Well it amused me!
A do-er-uppa!

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biggest fireplace?

OK, so it’s not a normal house at all, it’s a beautiful tudor manor house.
But with such a huge fireplace!

Purported to have been built in or around 1520, Barsham Manor House has played host over the last five centuries to many guests, from monarchs, knights, politicians and celebrities to latter day rock legends. Its most famous guest was undoubtedly King Henry VIII who stayed here on at least five separate occasions (never with the same wife!) whilst visiting the nearby shrine to our Lady of Walsingham and, whilst The Manor’s construction has always been attributed to Sir Henry Fermor, Henry VIII once referred to it as “my small country palace in Barsham.”

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Cordless Compact Drill Driver and Impact Driver

Cordless Compact Drill Driver and Impact Driver 

Dewalt DCK211D2T 10.8 Volt Cordless Lithium Ion Compact Drill Driver and Impact Driver Twin Pack complete with 2 x 2.0 Ah Li-ion batteries, charger and TStak Kit box. DCD710 Drill Driver has a compact, lightweight design and 15 Position adjustable torque control for consistent screw driving into a variety of materials with different screw sizes. The all metal gearing provides for efficient power transmission and long tool life and the LED light gives improved visibility. Other features include 10mm Single sleeve keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock for quick and easy bit change and two speed settings, variable speed and reverse switch. DCF815 Impact Driver has a compact, durable design and delivers 107Nm of torque. The all metal gearing provides for efficient power transmission and long tool life and the aluminium front housing provides greater heat dispersion increasing motor life. Other features include 6.35mm ‘drop in’ keyless hex driver which allows for quick, one handed fitment and 3 LED ‘Halo’ ring which provides maximum illumination to work piece.

Click here to buy one!

Box Contains

DCD710 Drill Driver;DCF815 Impact Driver;Multi Voltage XR charger;2 x 10.8V 2Ah Li-Ion batteries;Belt hook on drill driver;Magnetic bit holder on drill driver;TStak V clear lid kitbox

From the manufacturer

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