Amazing hall

Fabulous house on rightmove
Am always impressed by a hall that’s actually the size of a room,or even the ground floor or a small house. This one is massive. A bit dark but a lot of wood that you probably wouldn’t want to paint.

Picture 1 will make your heart sing! Who wouldn’t want to live near the sea?

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Original Danish Oil

Original Danish Oil



  • Unique and Original
  • Suitable for all types of wood
  • Easy to use wipe on finish
  • Gives a soft lustrous finish
  • Brings out the beauty of wood


  1. Can only be used on bare wood
  2. Apply the danish oil as very thin coat
  3. Get it spread over the entire area across entire area
  4. Use a lint free cloth to avoid leaving particles on the finish
  5. Work at room temperature but well ventilated space
  6. You need to let the Danish Oil penetrate into the wood for at least 5 minutes
  7. Rub it in then with a lint-free cloth
  8. When surface is completely dry it’s done!
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Amazing wallpaper

Arthouse Wallpaper Cornish Stone Photographic Effect Realistic 3D Rustic Brick


Click here to buy this amazing wallpaper

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I do like the collections Rightmove put together – here’s their Windmills one.


Problems with windmills (I’ve seen lots as holiday homes) – where do you put your bookshelves?

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Bed Discount

Bed discount – one day only 

Bensons for Beds – FLASH SALE – Extra 10% off bedroom furniture – ends 9am Wednesday  (23/02/2022).

Bensons for Beds have launched a Flash Sale! Get an extra 10% off bedroom furniture

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Need new fence panels after storm damage

New panels – BuyFencingDirect have this great offer for the fence panels:

Name – 10% off Forest Fences
Description – Repair your fences and save 10% off on all Forest fence panels
Terms and Conditions – Delivery next week, free over £200
Start Date – 22/02/2022
End Date – 24/02/2022



If the storms have damaged your fencing then you’ll be looking at buying replacements.

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Do you like looking at fancy houses?

If you list “looking at nice houses on property websites” as a hobby then why not join this Facebook group 

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Looking for new locks?

Looking for new locks?

All types of locks for your front door and uPVC multipoint systems

Loads of locksLoads of locks

LocksOnline was founded in 1999

chat on line system – During office hours (09:00 – 17:00 Mon-Thu, 09:00 – 16:30 Fri) there is someone on hand to assist with any question that you may have;

Standard UK Delivery is free on all orders exceeding £100 + VAT.  Orders below this threshold will be charged a standard £4.95 + VAT delivery charge*.

Express UK Delivery is charged at a standard £8.95 + VAT **.

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Moving house?

Don’t forget to redirect your mail!


You can redirect your mail to any UK or overseas address for 3, 6 or 12 months from just £33.99.

Price on Royal mail 4/2/2022


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Paint Colour Card Pack

Paint Colour Card Pack

Your own comprehensive collection of the latest colour cards from all our brands, delivered in an A4 sized box you can reach for every time you need just the right colour paint in just the right finish. A fantastic reference for professional and home designers alike. Price includes postage and a free brush.



How do you get Paint through the post!
They pack and despatch your paint securely so it arrived safely.  Designer Paint has been selling the widest range of designer paints online since 2003.


Colours can never be 100% consistent on screen, so they offer colour cards and test pots for every colour. This means you can test out paint in your own home! Essential for getting the right colour for each room! Get the right paint for the right room – The walls in your kitchen and bathroom really need to resist water from condensation, skirtings need tough paint to resist scuffing.

New ranges include: Mylands Archive Colours and Farrow & Ball Curated By Liberty

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