Finding your local estate agents

Finding local estate agents

Keep an eye out for ‘For Sale’ signs in your area. Make a note when you see one you don’t recognise so you can get in touch with the agent.

You can use sites like Rightmove or Globrix to look up areas and work out who all the different estate agents are in an area. You should take note though, not all estate agents are on Rightmove all the time. Some never go on it, and some seem to come and go.

Watch out in the local press too for advert pages from local estate agents. Some prefer advertising in the paper. However, I believe all the good ones use Rightmove as it’s such a popular property website.

Sometimes it pays to look at different estate agent websites though as they list the properties there first. It’s also useful to stay in touch with local estate agents so that when something comes up that you’re interested in they’ll get in touch! Make sure that your contact details are up to date and when you’ve bought somewhere, or just stopped looking, you let them know!

Ask people you know which estate agents they have used in the past – this can be quite revealing sometimes and you’ll discover which estate agents have a good reputation locally. Buying a house will mean may have to contact any one of the estate agents – you never know who someone will put their house for sale with. Some you might find troublesome for getting viewings of properties with, persistence is often the key to getting to see houses.

Give estate agents your contact details, plus information on the type of property you want to buy and an idea of your budget. The good estate agents will keep you informed when new properties come on the market.

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