PrimeLocation App on the iPad

Spiral view of primelocationThe PrimeLocation App on the iPad is easy to use.

It is free to download and use this app.

The app works in landscape mode only. The start screen has a search box for you to type in the location and to pick to buy or to rent. There are more options; this includes type of property, minimum bedrooms, maximum bedrooms, price range, search area and whether to show results in price ascending or descending.
The search has two display options – one a spiral and the other a card view. I quite like the spiral display but it’s not quite as sensible a layout to use as the card view.

You swipe the screen to change properties or click on the arrows. Whilst swiping seems to be a natural directional use for the navigation the arrows use the same directionality too. This means to see the next property you click the left arrow which to my mind is wrong… Swipe or click and view the different properties until you get to one you like. Click on the picture of the house and you’ll see the details with a link to see the full details on the primelocation site or to share the details by email.

Primelocation property detailsThe email contains the details and a link which is quite nice if you want to keep a record of the houses you’re interested in.

When you view the property on the primelocation site you still have an option to return to the results – this is at the bottom of the screen on the left making it easy to get back to see more properties.

Press the close button to return to more properties on the search results.

The app allows you to refine your search results but doesn’t have a map feature which many other apps do. It is an interesting way of viewing properties though.

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