Sold prices of property

House pricesThere are several sites that you can look up sold property prices on. The land registry doesn’t publish prices of properties that are “sold under market value” so excludes repos and auction properties. It can also exclude properties sold to companies.

I do feel this is slightly dishonest and that all house price data should be available freely. After all something sells for market value at the price it sells for. It is also artificially inflating property prices by excluding lower prices sold at.

My favourite site to view them on is – this site allows you to put in a general area, postcode, street name and town to find the house prices.

Of course if a property isn’t listed then it doesn’t mean it hasn’t sold. Some properties just don’t show up. You can view the sale price usually by paying £4 to the land registry to see the title information of the property – but if you want to know a lot of houses that aren’t listed then it could easily get expensive.

It allows you to view in 10, 25, 50 or 100 results at a time. You can follow a street or postcode by asking for an email each time results are updated. This happens at the start of every month usually.
It gives you the sale date, sale price, type (detached or semi or terraced) and whether it’s freehold or leasehold and whether it’s new build or not. It gives the full address of properties too so is useful for looking up postcodes of places too. You can also viuew the current value or the property and see property for sale nearby. These links take you to zoopla.

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