An attractive house

Making your house attractive to buyers

Price: This is vital to take into account. Take advice from your agent.

A clean, bright house will sell more easily. If you have dark rooms then consider painting them lighter and changing the colour of the curtains. Whilst new carpets might appear expensive, you could add a light rug to brighten the room. Use matching toning colours and avoid harsh colours and jarring colour schemes.

Clean up the front garden. Consider hanging baskets or tubs of flowers. Kerb appeal can just mean trimming the hedge or mowing the lawn though.

Once you get them in through the door you want your house to smell clean and fresh. Plenty of fresh air, no pet smells, or pet food, hide litter trays too, and get the pets out of the house if at all possible. Whilst a cute cat curled up asleep looks cute, a slathering dog might not be.

Decluttering is a hugely important thing to do too. A tidy neat house looks roomier.

If you smoke then stop smoking in the house. It’s gross and really puts off non-smokers who will worry about getting the smell of smoke out of the house.

Use gentle subtle air fresheners. Natural scents are best. Vanilla is a lovely warm scent that can really make your house smell great. Don’t overdo it though and don’t ever spray air fresheners as they are often too overpowering.
You don’t have to bake bread or brew coffee just before they arrive but take into account that a nice smelling house will be more appealing. Don’t have food cooking during a viewing unless it’s something neutral and sweet like bread or cakes.

Try to get viewings during the day. Don’t be afraid of putting side lamps on if it makes a room look warmer and more inviting. Lighting is a lifestyle thing that can really impact how we view a house.

Think about buying some fresh flowers for viewings. Arrange them in a nice vase on the dining table. It’s recommended you lay the table for a meal as this shows how many people can fit easily round the table. It’s easy to do and free so might well be worth giving it a go.

It’s said people often buy because they like the lifestyle you present to them. If you have glossy classy magazines on your lounge coffee table then this presents a nice imagine. Throws and cushions on a bed create a nice luxurious feel to a bedroom.

Don’t forget that most changes are things that are free, or you can take with you to your new home. The changes are known as house doctoring and can really make your house look nicer and feel more attractive to buyers.

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