Buying a flat

You need to have leasehold and freehold explained to you and how it applies to your property and the implications on repairs and rights.
Your solicitor should do this. Ask if you have any questions – that’s what they’re there for.

You’ll need to know about service charges and what this covers too. Some can be quite expensive just for day to day maintenance of gardens, window cleaning and basic cleaning of communal areas.
Building repair bills can come out of a special fund which everyone contributes in to all the time – or might need extra money putting in to get repairs done.
Don’t think just because you’re in the middle of a block you won’t contribute to a new roof it is needs one.
I’ll be discussing this topic in more detail over the coming weeks though.
If the block of flats has a lift then generally service charges are more as they have to pay for inspections, servicing and insurance as well as repairs.

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