One bedroom properties

There’s a very small market for one bedroom properties. They’re not my cup of tea at all! When I hear young people saying they’ll be buying a one bedroom flat I generally try and ask them a few questions.
Where will they be in five years time? What do they want in their life in five years time? Do they want kids? What if they need a lodger to pay the bills? What if a family member wants to come and stay for a few months? A one bedroom place gives you so little flexibility – and almost certainly no storage space for a spare bed!

Some people decide that they’re single and a one bedroom place is big enough for them. But there’s no way of knowing what’s around the corner – or who is! You might find you fall in love and decide to move in together but most one bedders just aren’t big enough for two people’s junk! With a one bed flat you generally wont’ have a garage, attic, large storage space, that you might get with a bigger house and that can only mean trouble in our cluttered lives.
If you’re renting then a one bedroom place can be just fine – if it ever gets too small then you can give notice and move! Moving when you own means selling and the market is smaller for a one bed place.
You might think that it might be a good place for someone who’s retired, but think about the access, if it’s up stairs then it’s not a long term purchase for an older person.
I’d especially be careful if you’re looking at one of these one bedroom places above a row of garages – yes you might get a garage but you get to listen to the joys of people going in and out of their garage at all hours.
Stop! Think before you buy – and this applies whatever size house you’re buying – will it still be big enough in five years time?

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