Reasons to declutter

Reasons to declutter

There are lots of reasons you should declutter your house.

One of the most important is that it’ll make your house look bigger and more spacious.

By decluttering you take away many of the rather personal items that make your home your home. This is essential when you’re selling as sadly many viewers will see your items and not be able to imagine fitting their own items in next to them. It doesn’t matter than when you move you take your stuff with you, as some people just can not see beyond simple things like photos and ornaments.

You neutralise your space which makes it more of a blank canvas for your prospective buyers to visualise themselves in.

If you remove coats from the coat rack then it will give the impression that your house has plenty of room for coats. If you leave one coat out make sure it’s a good quality clean coat that evokes some sense of lifestyle. If you live in a town then a posh coat would be nice, if you live in the country an outdoor jacket would be nice.

Hide away your shoes from the halls and floors of rooms. It makes it look like there’s no where to put them! There might not be room for a shoe rack but they are better hidden away so that the buyers don’t realise!

If your rooms look empty after you’ve decluttered then consider allowing one or two good quality items in each room. This can be a vase of fresh flowers which adds to the lifestyle feel. Remember to check them and throw them out when they start to wilt.

Decluttering the outside of your house is essential too. Where are you rubbish bins right now? Put them away in the shed or garage, or neatly in a corner where they don’t spoil the view. Bins stuck at the front of the house make it look like there’s no room for them anywhere!

Check doormats are clean too and that there’s no milk bottles left by the front door for the milkman! Line up the doormat straight! Make sure your doorbell works too if you have one!

Declutter any signs on your front door too. A sign saying no cold callers gives the impression the area is constantly full of cold callers! This might put some people off!

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