Ready to make an offer?

Thinking about making an offer

If you’re at the stage where you’re thinking about making an offer, then I hope you’ve viewed twice, preferably taking someone else with you for a second pair of eyes. I hope you’ve asked all the questions you needed too and got good answers.

So what to offer?

Do a postcode search on and see what properties have sold recently in the area and what they’ve gone for. Ideally you’re looking for similar houses on the same street but it’s not always possible.

Do a crime search on the police maps site too. What’s the crime like? Will it bother you having antisocial behaviour nearby or even on the same road?

Check on property bee for price reductions within the area too. See if things are being reduced – if so this is a sign that not much is selling. You can view sale trends on by using a postcode search.

Are you in a really good position and ready to go? Is your mortgage in place, your deposit available and waiting?

Get solicitor quotes NOW so when you make your offer you can say “this is my offer and my solicitor will be…” so you look like you’re ready to buy.

If you want to put in a low offer then do it! There’s no harm in trying especially in a falling market. They might refuse – and there’s probably no point in saying you expect prices to fall, as the owners won’t care about that, but speak with the estate agent and say you’re worried about the crime levels on the street and nearby and that this has affected your offer.

If they refuse – then do not rush in and up your offer. Say you’ll have to think about whether you can offer more in light of the work you think needs doing, and the potential problems with the property. If you rush in and up your offer then they know you’re keen and will push you to offer more.

Be relaxed. There are plenty of other properties on the market. If you don’t hear back from an agent after you’ve made an offer then you could give them a ring and arrange a viewing for another property. That lets them know you’re serious about finding the right property at the right price – it might make them hurry the vendors along too.

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