Rating houses to compare them

How to rate a property and compare it with others you have viewed.

When you do several viewings you might find it hard to weigh them all up and compare them properly.

A simple way of doing this is to write down their score out of 10 for each of the following points. Add up the totals and see how you feel about your reaction. Sometimes the property you didn’t think you liked that much actually makes most sense.

1. Location – how perfect a location is it for schools, shops, peace and quiet,
2. Parking – is there the parking or garage you require.
3. Size of property – is it big enough so you don’t outgrow it in a matter of months?
4. Potential for expansion – just in case you ever feel the urge.
5. Outdoor space – is there enough outdoor space
6. State of property – will it need redecorating or completely renovating. How do you feel about picking
up a paint brush or getting major works done?
7. Feel of house – how did it make you feel looking at it and going in.
8. Neighbours – what are they like?
9. The price – is it a good price or overpriced?
10. The must have factor – does it make you go WOW!

When you’ve added the scores up you’ll be able to rank properties. Sometimes your results are quite surprising and will make you look again at properties you weren’t sure about before.

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