How to make a small room bigger

When you have a small room that you want to make it look bigger there are several simple things you can do.

Add a mirror. This is a good trick to use on a landing halfway up stairs. You’ll bring more light in too but the reflecting makes the space feel bigger. In a room a big mirror can double the light and give the appearance the room is bigger than it is.

Use smaller furniture. If you can buy a smaller, narrower bed then the room will seem more spacious. Smaller pieces of furniture will give the room a more spacious feel.

Use a strong colour on a far wall to bring your eye across the room. This is the theory behind having a feature wall.

Use light colour furnishings and carpet. Light curtains that are neat won’t crowd a window. Light carpet is a must. Dark colours on floors and walls can just suck in all the light making the room darker.

A white ceiling is always good! White woodwork can help too. Ensure the room is spotless too. Pale walls are essential.

Wall hung shelves take up no floor space. Even a bedside table shelf can help! Look for space saving wall mounted items. This is a useful idea to look out for bathroom cupboards too.

Declutter. Declutter as much as you can. And then declutter some more.

Make sure you can shut the bedroom door! Some small bedrooms have the problem of the door bumping the bed when you try and shut it. Don’t do this! It instantly shows how small the room is. Get a smaller bed. Consider a built in bed if space is tight. Consider a day bed if you are showing a room as a guestroom.

As well as mirrors paint finishes can reflect light. Look for shiny objects for the room – including shiny bedsteads and ornaments.

As long as you make the room look nice and usable as a bedroom or study then potential buyers will see it as a room they can use.

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