Coloured bathroom suites

Coloured bathroom suites were huge in the 60s and 70s. Since then people’s tastes have changed and the white bathroom suite is now king!
Some of the most popular ones were the avocado colour, a burgundy and even a very dark brown black colour, in vogue too where flowery swirly pattern tiles too.

So if you have one of these bathrooms should you change it when you want to sell your house? If the rest of your house is done nice and modern then you probably should.
How much should you spend though? If you’re on a tight budget you might be better off not touching it. Do you have a contingency budget if you uncover something not so nice underneath, or discover you need lots of new plumbing work too?
If your house is pricey then you should spend more on your bathroom than if it’s worth £60,000! This might affect your decision to change the bathroom.
A cheap suite can be fitted for a couple of hundred pounds, and with skill you can take the old one out and drop a new one in without damaging any tiles. This can cut down on costs. But if you do break tiles then will you replace them all?

If you are happy to spend money and do the job properly then do it – if you’re only going to scrimp them you may as well leave it.

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