Reasons not to buy New Builds

Reasons not to buy a new build house or flat

  • They’re like new cars – lose money as soon as someone lives in it!
  • They’re often overpriced compared to older property
  • If you buy off-plan you might be surprised in a bad way when you get your
    keys if they haven’t fitted the kitchen you expected
  • They can be smaller than they look – some sneaky developers use 3/4 size
    furniture to make them look bigger.
  • The layout can change if you buy off-plan. We’ve heard of horrid cases where
    people found great structural pillars in the middle of their open plan lounge.
  • You’d not buy anything else without seeing it first – so why do people expect
    buying off-plan to go well?
  • You have to do the snagging
  • You might be living on a building site
  • The house might never get built if the builder can ‘t sell enough houses
    on the estate
  • Roads are often unfiinished some time
  • They often have very little space between the houses
  • They may be mixed in with social housing – affordable housing is often a
    condition of building a new estate – this can devalue your home.
  • Large parts of estates have been sold off for social housing when they have
    failed to sell as inflated prices.
  • The gardens seem to lack top soil and have more rubble than soil!
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