Long off completion dates

If you’re interested in buying a house but the owners don’t want to complete for several months then what options do you have?
You need to ensure that this suits you – will you still have a mortgage offer available in 6 or 9 months time? If you didn’t then you’d be in a right pickle!
You could ask them to move into rented accomodation so you can buy within the timescales you want.
If they don’t want to do this – then the risk is on you.
What if they’re buying a new build and it doesn’t get built in time – it might mean you have to move yourself in the meantime, be paying rent for extra time, or not having a mortgage.

Even a normal selling process can take several months – but when someone has a specific far off date in mind then you have to weigh up whether it’s good for you.
If they refuse to move into rented then they’re just acknowledging that they don’t want the hassle. You have to decide if the hassle and potential problems are worth the risk.

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