What is downsizing?
It’s generally considered to be moving from a larger property to a smaller

Why would I downsize?

  • Because you need less space.
  • Because it can reduce your bills such as council tax and heating costs.
  • Because your family have left home
  • Because you need to econmise
  • because you want to have cash from the sale of your current home.
  • because you want to reduce your mortgage

So how can I downsize?

You can look for a smaller property in your current area. You could look for
a similar property in a cheaper area.

What do I need to consider?

You need to think about how much furniture you have that you want to keep.
If you want a smaller house but want to keep all your current furniture then
clearly this won’t work!
Consider moving costs.
Consider bills at new house – check council tax banding to make sure it’s less
than you’re currently paying.
Would you be happy away from your friends – important to consider if you are
looking at moving area.

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