Leaflet to buy house –

Finding a house by leafleting! If there’s a particular road you’d love to live
on but none of the houses are up for sale then why not print a leaflet out and
put it through the doors? It’s important to make sure you put your contact details on so they can get in touch with you! Do the whole street!

Put your name, contact details including mobile and email.
Date it!

For the Attention of the home owner,

I am writing to you with a view to possibly buy your house. I have been looking
to buy in the area as my child attends *local school* but have not seen anything
on the market that I am interested in buying. I am doing this leaflet drop to
try and find the right property this way!

I am currently in a position to move at your convenience. I have a solicitor
and finances in place so I will be able to move quickly.

I am looking for *insert number of bedrooms or type of house here*.
If you feel you would be interested in selling your house to me then I would
be grateful if you could either call me on my mobile or send me an email to
discuss this further. There would of course be no estate agent fees payable
if I bought directly from you.

Thank you for your time to read this.

*sign name*


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